Fabulous Farinelli (and his singing) and a Confused King (played by a consummate actor)

I had a wonderful day trip to London with an influential friend who managed to arrange for us to have a box  at the Duke of York’s Theatre to see Farinelli and the King starring Mark Rylance  (of Wolf Hall fame ).WP_20151126_004

We arrived early and saw Mark striding jauntily towards the theatre, obviously really looking forward to performing.  And the play was mesmerising. It had a magical candle-lit setting, soaring singing, surprisingly funny moments and was very moving. . Iestyn Davies was singing the  castrato part of Farinelli and his voice caused tingles up the spine .

WP_20151127_002After the play we were allowed back stage to meet Mark Rylance, Iestyn Davies and others in the superb cast.  Mark Rylance was unassuming, genuinely  lovely and signed my programme. It was a fascinating to see the back stage area  and actually stand on the stage, getting an actors’ view of the audience. WP_20151126_009 (1)




Then off to my next treat, a visit to the Covent Garden Opera House, and, courtesy of this friend again, to have a peek behind the scenes of ‘Carmen’. Phew, what a special day.

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