Exhilarated, Excited and Exhausted

by my wonderful weekend at the RNA Conference.

It’s my annual treat, four days at the novelist conference, this year at Harper Adams Agricultural College in Shropshire.  Very nice student rooms,  and a great campus, smelling slightly rural (i e an occasional  whiff of pigs) , but food fantastic. Usual hectic up and about for lectures starting at 9.00 and finishing at 6.00, accompanied as always by lots of eating and drinking, late night kitchen parties …just like being a student, but loads more fun. And lots of exhilarating chatting to other novelists… met so many lovely new ones.

And the gorgeous gala dinner..fun was had amidst the glamour as you can see.


Highlights included lots of congratulations about  my publishing contract, (e g a notice on an honours board) and especially from the great Katie Fforde who deliberately sought me out at breakfast and said lots of lovely things while her breakfast went cold. I was astonished she even knew who I was, let alone about  my book (there are 900 of us in the organisation and about 350 of us there at the conference) …and she even remembered writing in a dedication three years ago. When she learned my name was Forth, she wrote ‘To Lynn, a fellow writer ! who will be next to me in a book shop!’  It meant a lot to me at the time. ..and I never really believed it would come true.  Another novelist I admire, Jules Wake,  also said lovely things.  So many marvellous moments .

So I came back exhilarated, excited, exhausted and on a real high. Then had to get down to the real nitty gritty. Which included finishing  my first edits.

I had to learn how to do track changes on the computer so my editor could see  what I had accepted or rejected. I was very pleased  that there were  no big re-writes or changes,  just some punctuation omissions, and a bit of text tightening  here and there. Then I’ve just sent off second edits to my publishers, plus dedication, author bio and acknowledgements … difficult to write . .. so many people to thank, don’t want to leave anyone out.

In the meantime, I’m also in deep consultation over the cover. I have trawled through loads of images to get a flavour of what I want …and now my very amenable publisher, Laurence Patterson at Crooked Cat, is  working on it.

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