About My Books

Love in La La Land

Published by Crooked Cat, October 2017

Star Struck in Hollywood, can English author Jane Jones, write her own happy ending?

Who can be trusted in this  glitzy, glittering world? 21366824_1652990931407375_2015034935783565468_o

Nothing violent, nothing gory,

A sunny, warm, romantic story,

Of writer Jane in La La Land,

 And two men vying for her hand.

One is Jack, first foe, then friend,

 Will HE get her in the end?

The other dishy actor Scott.

Will HE get her, will he not?

And in this book

Of La La Land,

Against the sleaze,

Jane makes a stand

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Coming soon 

Love, Lies and Café au Lait

Published by Crooked Cat in October 2018 

When Annie Roberts from Accrington gets the opportunity to dog-sit an ageing pooch in Nice for the winter, it really does seem like a dream job. It’s also a chance to solve a mystery left by her France-obsessed mother. But is it really nice work or is she just too nice for Nice? 



Children’s Books  (24) 


Racing Driver George

Scientist Ben and His Stinky Inventions

Molly the Writing Princess

Pirate Barney and The Buried Treasure


Barney the Bold Buccaneer

George the Fearless Flyer

Scientist Ben Strikes Again (which won second prize in a children’s story competition) 

George The Polar Explorer 


Molly the Dizzy Fairy

Barney And the Unexpected Treasure 

Ben and the Brontosaurus 

My Grandma is a Feminist 


George and the Sea-dogs

Molly to the RescueWP_20151224_001

Molly and George in Scotland  

Barney and the Albatross

Ben in Beanoland 

Ben, Barney and Brontay



Ben and the Ballista. What happens when Ben sets his time machine to get him back in time for tea at 5.00 …but gets his clock calibration slightly wrong…by nearly 2,000 years? He ends up in 50 AD, the year the Romans came to Worcester. So what do you say to an angry legionnaire who, bewildered by your modern garb, accuses you of being a spy? Only by helping them make a ballista can you save your life ….for now. But life in an army camp is not much fun. Can Ben escape, find his time machine, and evade the marauding wolves to get back in time for tea?

Molly and Victoria. Last year Molly saved the young Princess Elizabeth Tudor’s life, so when she finds herself in a Victorian school room, she is well prepared for her historical adventure. Or is she? While her new friend Victoria enjoys the freedom of climbing trees in Molly’s comfy unscuffable trainers, Molly must take her place with a new governess, learn to walk with books on her head, sew samplers, write with a quill pen without blotching, all the while being menaced by a swishing cane and the threat of having her mouth washed out with soap and water. And, how can playing the only piano piece she knows cause such an upset?

Barney and the Perilous Quest. Barney has read all the Greek myths so is well prepared when he enters the Minotaur’s labyrinth…or so he thinks. But narrow escapes from the sword of Damocles, the stony stare of Medusa, and the temptation of opening Pandora’s Box have him wondering if his quest is becoming too perilous. And why is this treasure chest filled with golden fruits …all with bite marks in them? And is that really the Minotaur he can see looming in the gloom?

Just George. George has never gone menacing before so is ill-equipped with the suitable catapulting and pea shooting weaponry. His new friend in the stripy jumper soon rectifies the situation, to George’s mixture of horror, fright and glee. But after a day of madcap mayhem, he is captured by a be-whiskered giant cowboy in search of cow pie, and has to confess his lack of expertise. Perhaps it’s his name.  Everyone else has a name that tells you what to expect …menacing, perilling, minxing but Just George doesn’t strike the required amount of terror. Would a change of name help?



My Early Novels 

Write First Time

Rich and powerful Jack Clancy is a major Hollywood player. As a screen writer he has adapted many novels to great acclaim. But when English author Jane Jones is scathing of his version of her sparkling romantic comedy, they clash from the outset.Image1-6

Add into the mix Scott Flynn, an up-and -coming Hollywood heart-throb. Is he really making a pass at a seemingly star-struck Jane?

Should Jack warn her? But she has proven more than capable of holding her own, verbally at least. Surely she won’t fall for Scott’s seduction techniques, or will she?

Jane is soon entangled in the backstabbing jungle of Tinsel Town intrigue.


Nice Work

Hotel entrepreneur, Alex Sinclair has no problems attracting women so he is surprised andImage1-5 affronted when a gorgeous girl ‘propositions’ him at a party and seems to think he will pay for her services. But Selina is the last person to proposition anyone. She thinks she is applying for a job as his PA.

When her feisty friend Kara uncovers the error, Alex, too proud to admit his mistake, is indeed forced to engage her as his PA. His reputation as a notorious womaniser precedes him so he is further piqued by Kara’s stubborn efforts to try to save her vulnerable friend from his clutches. But as Alex won’t mix business and pleasure, Selina seems to be safe from his advances. And he soon learns to respect her ideas and expertise.

But a trip to Nice on the Cote D’Azur jeopardises their working relationship and it looks like Alex is the one who needs to be saved.

Just Jane

Image1-4Greg and Jane’s wonderful youthful summer romance ends when he leaves to go and study ‘penguins and cold stuff’ in Antarctica. When they meet again ten years later, this time it’s Jane who has to leave. She is about to depart for Nice, and romance.

Will work always pull them apart? Is their relationship fated? Are there just too many misunderstandings and obstacles in their way?



4 Responses to About My Books

  1. Mary Irving says:

    Children’s Books sound intriguing,wonder where you got the inspiration for “My Grandma is a Feminist”?
    Mary I


  2. I wonder! Actually there’s so much to say my main difficulty is keeping it down to an appropriate length. Any ideas very welcome though.


  3. After such a good read i found the books reminded of my childhood with the settings and took me to that place i miss. So well written and can’t wait for the next tale.


  4. Thanks Paul for your encouragement.


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