Radio Interview on Love in La La Land

Really thrilled to be interviewed on the Tammy Gooding Show on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester. Tammy’s wonderfully friendly personality put me totally at ease, as I think you can tell in the actual broadcast.

To thank her, I gave her a copy of my book Love in La La Land. As a busy working mother, I just hope she finds time to read it.

If you want to listen to my interview here’s the link. It’s about 1 hour 24 minutes in. The link is

Tammy catches up with the former singer, dancer and Celebrity Masterchef Champion…
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Where in the world?

Where in the world is Love in La La Land now? Lots of clues surround it standing proud on its little pedestal, and another in the distance too.

dubai - Copy.

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Always fascinating to hear the different paths to publication.

Always fascinating to hear other novelists’  paths to publication. Last night’s talks by Bella Osborne and Christie Barlow at Wordsley library showed there are different routes, but both were equally fulfilling and successful. A wonderful evening.


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Look, Love in La La Land is in the local Library

Look, Love in La La Land is in the local library. Will it prove popular as the sign says?


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A Fab 5 Star Poetic Review

A fab 5 star poetic review. I love it. Don’t you? 

Nothing violent, nothing gory,21366824_1652990931407375_2015034935783565468_o
A sunny, warm, romantic story,
Of writer Jane in La-La-Land,
And two men vying for her hand.

One is Jack, first foe, then friend,
Will HE get her, in the end?
The other, dishy actor Scott,
Will HE get her, will he not?

For this exciting read we have Lynn Forth to thank
I just wish Jane had gone and married Hank!


My reply to this reviewer would be

But Hank is wedded to Dolores,

So t’would flout romantic mores


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Clever word picture of Love in La La Land

I love this clever  word picture of my novel. It’s all there, you just have to read it to connect it all up.


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Dream achieved.

Here it is, my book on a shelf next to Katie Fforde.


Ok it’s not in the same book shop but the local library has stocked Love in La La Land  and so it is next to Katie Fforde’s books as she predicted four years ago.

Katie Fforde

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