Welcome to my web site in which you will find a bit about me and a bit about my books.

On my Blog page I will be reviewing books and occasional films.30727544_2023408544355340_3781262204939010048_n

But mainly I will be talking about the books I am writing and the highs and lows of an author’s life, the inspiration and the perspiration.


7 Responses to Welcome

  1. Jilly G says:

    How’s the perspiration at present LFA? And does writing through the night engender a darker subject matter?


  2. Hilary Hartshorne says:

    Love the covers of your three books. When will they be published cannot wait to read them.
    Hilary H


  3. Fingers crossed Hilary, fingers crossed like crazy.


  4. Gail Wilson says:

    Can’t wait to read them! When will they be available? Loved your children’s books!


  5. Ceecee says:

    Interesting Lynn ceecee


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